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Woodworm treatment in Bristol

Have unwanted visitors taken up residence in your timber? Woodworm is a relatively common problem that can be addressed quickly. Call ADC Ltd for more details.

Say goodbye to woodworm infestation

Most timber infestations are caused by the common furniture beetle which doesn't just attack furniture. It is just as likely to attack building timbers such as floorboards, joists, staircases etc. The adult beetle lays eggs on the surface of the wood, the hatching larvae eat their way into the wood, mature inside the timber and then eat their way out, emerging as adult beetles.
Woodworm treatment is straightforward. Heavily infested or weakened timber should be renewed where necessary and the area pressure treated with environmentally sound products.
ADC Ltd will pressure spray the affected timber with a micro-emulsion preservative and where required offer to cut out and replace decayed heavily infested timber and renew with pre-treated timber.

Woodworm treatments are covered by our 20 year guarantee with an option to take out a 10 year insurance bonded guarantee.
The common types of woodworm infestation in the UK include:
  • Common furniture beetle
  • Powder post beetle
  • Death watch beetle
  • House longhorn beetle

The insects most responsible for damage to timber are beetles. The adults lay eggs on the wood surface, the eggs hatch into larvae which eat their way into the timber where they stay between one and five years to emerge as adult beetles. It is the tunnelling of the larvae which damages the wood and leaves behind the tell-tale bore dust. At ADC Ltd, we use a water based treatment designed to have minimal impact on people, pets and the environment.

Special features of our treatment include:
  • Micro-emulsion
  • Low odour and non-flammable
  • Excellent penetration, fast drying
  • Effective against all wood boring insects
  • HSE 1 hour re-entry classification
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Highly trained team

ADC Ltd surveyors are trained to recognise the different types of beetle and to recommend the appropriate treatment in each case. Where the infestation is severe, we will also allow in our quotation for replacing / repairing damaged timber.
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Prevent damp problems

Keep your property in top condition with our help. As well as offering woodworm treatment, we will be able to provide you with damp proofing, condensation control and timber treatments. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
For specialist woodworm treatment, call ADC Ltd, Bristol.

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