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Condensation problems are caused by several factors including poor ventilation, insufficient insulation, inadequate or poorly managed temperature control and lifestyle. Don't let condensation get out of control in your property. 
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Mould caused by condensation

Condensation, not to be confused with structural damp, is caused by excessive moisture in the atmosphere reacting to a cold surface such as an external wall. Combined with a lack of ventilation, the conditions are ideal for the tell-tale black mould growth which can cause serious problems. Damage to furniture, soft furnishings, decorations and clothing can occur and in extreme cases, these types of mould can present a health risk, the most common effect being asthma.

After assessment, ADC Ltd will look at the best, most cost-effective solution for your property* and provide a quotation for the correct course of action. Our company can provide mechanical and passive ventilation options; we can also install roof and wall insulation including internal solid wall insulation using high-quality insulated thermal dry-lining. This will provide a warmer wall surface where mould is less likely to grow. It has the added advantage of making the room warmer and costing less to heat.
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Customised services

A specialist consultancy service can be provided, please contact us for more advice and guidance.
woodworm treatments

Wide range of services

In addition to condensation control services, we also provide damp proofing and woodworm treatments. Call us to find out how we can help.
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