Penetrating Damp

Are you suffering from penetrating damp?

Typically, penetrating damp is caused by issues with the building or plumbing where a problem has allowed water to enter the property. ADC Ltd will come and visit your home, rental property or business to identify the cause and come up with a report to identify the course of action needed.
Penetrating damp can have a number of different causes. When above ground level it is usually because of leaking gutters or downpipes, defective flashings, masonry and mortar defects and poor ventilation.
Moisture penetrates through walls when left unchecked and even though this may look harmless at first water can be one of the most destructive forces on your property. Even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall it will often lead to condensation problems, moss growth, increased heat loss, and frost damage into the masonry.

Prevention of penetrating damp

There are some checks and property care measures you can take to help prevent penetrating damp:
  • Examine gutters, down pipes, flashing, rendering and window frames in detail
  • If the guttering has seen better days, think about replacing it with new easy-to-fit plastic guttering where appropriate.
  • Check the rendering to see if it's cracked, plus look at re-sealing any gaps around window frames
  • Always make sure that down pipes are unobstructed
  • Check underneath window sills as there should be a drip groove to shed rainwater
penetrating damp
To cure any penetrating damp on your property call ADC Ltd on 
0117 952 0786 or 0117 975 4404 

The cure for penetrating damp

ADC Ltd can cure any penetrating damp proofing problem once the source of moisture has been located. We can remove all existing plaster and backing coats in the affected areas. The brick work is then coated with a waterproof sand and a cement render coat which is then finished with a multi P coat. 
This solves the problem and prevents reoccurrence.
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